Our appraisers are credentialed through the National Auctioneers Association as Graduate Personal Property Appraisers and Master Personal Property Appraisers.

Please note, “an appraisal is not a personal opinion about value based on the appraiser’s worldly experience.  It is a researched thesis (written document) in which you assert an opinion about the economic exchange value of the item.” (1) Due to the time, energy and expertise a certified appraisal requires, there is a fee to have us give you a written appraisal of your items.

Barrett Street provides written certified appraisals for personal property of every nature including household furniture, antiques, and business and industrial equipment.  Our appraisals are written documents describing the item to measurements, condition, age, and rarity with supporting comparables and pictures of each item.  We understand the difference between liquidation value, fair market value, and replacement value.  Our appraisals range from a single item to an entire estate. Barrett Street will also provide you with our verbal opinion of what WE would pay for the item. Our written appraisals may be used for insurance purposes.

Contact our staff at any of the following numbers to ask about our Appraisal Service:

(757) 463-1911
(757) 650-4884
(757) 650-4889

1. Durkin, Roger. The Appraiser as Expert Witness. Page 8. Print.