Estate Auction

Are you ready to downsize or do you need to liquidate an asset that you’ve acquired? Let us do the hard work of sorting, appraising, selling and moving your items while getting you top dollar for your possessions.

Barrett Street is one of the few Auction Centers that handles all sellable items within a home from front door to backdoor, from basement to attic. No estate is too small or too cluttered and organizing services are provided to all estates. We can sell all personal property items including:

  • precious metals (pots and pans)

  • like-new working appliances

  • clothes

  • jewelry

  • collectibles

  • high-end antiques

  • outdoor furniture

  • tools

  • automobiles, boats, motors, trailers, motorcycles

  • countless other items.

We will conduct an on-site personal property auction at your estate including auctioning the real property (home) if you desire. We are an Accredited Auctioneer for Real Estate (AARE). For real estate auctions, all of our proposals are written and include:

  • A marketing plan: online advertisements, flyer mailouts, onsite open houses

  • Projected budget

  • Comparable sales

  • Auction calendar including auction and projected closing date

From the date of your decision and contract signing to the date of the auction is 30 days. All closings are typically within 30 days of the auction.